Slides from Talks

I plan to post slides from talks here. For some of the talks, I’ve presented jointly with others.

11/30/2022 : Why Human-Scale Mobile Manipulators Will Eventually Be In Homes – IRIM Robotics Days for Industry in Atlanta, GA [Google Slides] [PDF Slides]

10/15/2022 : Toward Versatile and Inclusive Mobile ManipulatorsErgoX Symposium in Atlanta, GA [Google Slides] [PDF Slides]

8/24/2022 : Visually Estimating Contact Pressure for Humans and RobotsIRIM Fall Symposium hosted by the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM) at Georgia Tech [Google Slides] [PDF Slides] [Human Paper] [Robot Paper]

5/24/2022 : The Design of Stretch: A Compact, Lightweight Mobile Manipulator for Indoor Human Environments – Paper presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Philadelphia, PA [Google Slides] [PDF Slides] [Video] [Paper]

5/10/2022 : Mobile Manipulation for Healthcare – Keynote Talk at the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum in Boston, MA [Google Slides] [PDF]

4/18/2022 : My Work with Stretch at Georgia Tech – Talk at Hello Robot’s 2nd Stretch Social [Google Slides] [PDF]

4/11/2022 : Commercialization of a Novel Mobile Manipulator – Guest Lecture for Prof. Zackory Erickson‘s class at CMU, 16-887: Robotic Caregivers and Intelligent Physical Collaboration [Google Slides] [PDF]

11/15/2021 : Towards a Future with Inclusive Mobile Manipulators – Guest Lecture for Prof. Maru Cabrera’s Assistive Robotics Class [Google Slides] [PDF]

11/12/2021 : Hello Robot: Democratizing Mobile Manipulation – Oregon State University Robotics Seminar [Google Slides] [PDF]

10/20/2021 : Hello Robot: Democratizing Mobile ManipulationROS World 2021 [Google Slides] [PDF]

10/14/2021 : A Brief History of Stretch: A Friendly Mobile Manipulator for Indoor Human Environments – Guest Lecture for Prof. Wendy Roger‘s class CHLH 494: Human-Robot Interaction in Community Health at UIUC [Google Slides] [PDF]

8/25/2021 : From One to Many: My Personal Quest for Meaningful Mobile Manipulation – Fall 2021 IRIM Research Symposium at Georgia Tech [Google Slides] [PDF] [Video]

5/15/2021 : Toward a New Kind of Assistive RobotLIBERATE 2021 – Living Better Through Rehabilitative and Assistive Technologies, NSF Convergence Workshop [Google Slides] [PDF] [Video]

2/24/2021 : Mobile Cobots as Assistive Technology – DPT899: Interfacing Engineering Technology and Rehabilitation, Guest lecture for Prof. Randy Trumbower’s class at Harvard [Google Slides] [PDF]

Published by Charlie Kemp

I am a roboticist. I founded the Healthcare Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech and co-founded Hello Robot Inc. with Aaron Edsinger. I earned my PhD at MIT with Rod Brooks as my advisor. I’ve had the pleasure of advising outstanding PhD students, contributing to published research, writing code, and teaching. I’ve also invented a few robots.

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